Unlike the class system from other Nippon Ichi games, Soul Nomad Classes do not have tiers or weapon compatability. The element resistant stats are also not present, along with the reincarnation system. Monsters and Humans are treated the same to an extent: There are decors that increase the stats of males, females, and monster units.

The classes are lsited as followed:

-Swordsman (Male)

-Bareknuckle (Male)

-Bard (Female)

-Bandit (Male)

-Dracosage (Male)

-Schemestress (Female)

-Nereid (Female)


-Whirwind (Female)

-Seraph (Male)

-Cherub (Female)







-Soldier (Male)

-Knight (Male)

-Phynx Knight (Male)

-Gryphos Rider (Male)

-Archer (Female)

-Gypsy (Female)

-Cleric (Male)

-Saboteur (Male)

-Pyremage (Female)

-Gideon (Male) (unlock after beating first cycle)

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